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Products and Systems

When you buy from TLS International, you get more than top quality, reliable products. You get the maintenance, technical, and engineering resources necessary to meet your ongoing packaging needs. You’ll get a system that improves your package, protects your product and increases your profits from a company that understands your needs and knows how to meet them.

A Tradition and a Promise

We’ll be your lowest cost supplier...

By reducing your costs
By improving the arrival condition of your products
By making your operations more productive

We’ll guarantee your satisfaction...

With the highest quality products
With on-site sales and engineering assistance
With supervised installation, maintenance and safety training

We’ll be easy to do business with...

Through the most highly trained and responsive direct sales and service representatives in our industry
Through our 24-hour, 7-days-a-week toll-free technical assistance
Through our 24-hour emergency service and parts availability

Industries Solutions

below ARE some of our other products:

  • Steel Strapping Systems
  • Steel Strapping Systems
  • Plastic Strapping Systems
  • Machines
  • Hand Tool
  • Accessories
  • Turntable
  • Rotary Arm
  • Rotary Ring
  • Stretch Films
Stretch Wrapping Systems
  • Tape Packaging Systems
  • Uniform Carton Sealers
  • Random Carton Sealers
  • Carton Sealing Tapes


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